Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1st Meeting of Enigma,07

The 1st Meeting for Enigma,07 will be conducted by the Enigma 06 Core Committee..
Date : 2nd May,2007
Time : 11 am
Venue : G4
The Agenda is as follows :
  1. Theme
  2. Eventlist
  3. Marketing
  4. Participation
  5. Division of work
  6. How can we make Enigma different this year??

Hope to see you folks!!


Yashshri Soman

Saturday, September 09, 2006

8th September


ENIGMA has finally kickstarted.. yesterday was absolutly kick ass.. ! it was so happening.. amazing crowd coming in.. amazing food at d food court... fanatastic.. the rink football was absolutly happening in d audi.. and so was the antakshari event happening in F6.. i must say RJ Manish, RJ Lavanya and RJ Ravi Aiyar(all from Radio city) were totally enthu and the event was amazing!! the college looks very very festive.. i must congrajulate the creative on having d decor made up so well ! ! it looks fantastic... d security commitee is working at itz best. espcl when we have celebrities coming in, they hold the crowd at bay! fantastic.. proud of u guys!.. and then the celebrity committee obvi has put in their best efforts and we have an amazing list of celebs, Tv actors, Specialists in diff fields, Choregraphers, Models, Rj's, Vj's.. etc gracing our festival... yesterday we had Grooming specialist Chaya Momaya taking the seminar on imporatce of grooming. Also we had RJ's manish, lavanya and ravi aiyar for the antakshari event. Also we had Monty Furia who had come in for the fashion designing event! we also had Mr. Aditya comign in to give seminar on Portfolio Management!
im sure ur wondering if these are the first few people gracing our event then who will be coming on d finale days?! happy wondering.. :)
i must also congrajulate the admin team... they r d ones hu r going mad !!! with so many colleges and so many events.. hehehe.. rock on !and i must congrajulate the otheer teams to for all the effort.. the HR team for recruting so many people to work for d festival, the marketing team for egtting so many sponsors n al.. :) and the publicity team coz all arnd town all i can c is
ENIGMA - Scream it.. and also the PR committee for the job of getting d coleges in et al !!
and last but not the least i must congrajulate Yashraj our GS.. he managed to put the festival together.. :)
as usual... signing off...
Pavithra Dikshit
Salomi Mehta!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Since it is the end of the day and we have only one day left for ENIGMA to kick start !!...
6 days of fun, work and fiesta !
and.... Its coming closer ! ! !

For a closer look at the work going on at E06 check out the snaps posted below d blog.... (people working and charts put up and coll decor)

and well everybody is working and working and well working : )

this is pre-enigma preps goin on in college..

signing off


Pavithra Dikshit

Salomi Mehta

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Like we promised you, that
Enigma will be visable everywhere.

A slight look at what students' from the town side colleges will "look up to" at nearby stations.

Well Mumbai, this is just phase 1.
Watch out for more.


Monday, September 04, 2006


Hie there!

Today is 4th September and we have 3 more days to MUMBAI’S LOUDEST CULFEST- ENIGMA. So continuing on the more personal front, salomi and pavithra let the mystery slowly unfold!
We are writing this blog to help you and only you to unfold the mystery!

We have a PRE ENIGMA BASH on the 5th of September i.e. tomorrow at Poison from 9 onwards. Everyone is welcome!

Here are our three most rocking themed nights that you need know about. After reading this you had better be there or … you’re just going to lose out on the “ENIGMA”tic feel to the entire event! : )

First night i.e. the 11th of September: -
5:00 pm onwards - Jugal Bandi Performances by Sheldon
D'silva, Dino Banks and Lindsay D’mello

Second night i.e. 12th of September: -
5:00 pm onwards - Paul Oakenfold Nite

Third night i.e. 13th of September: -
5:00 pm onwards - E Night & Prize Distribution with special performances and celebrity guest appearances.


We release Robbie Williams new track "Rudebox" officially at e06, on the 9th/11th September. (www.rudebox74.com\)
And the official track for enigma 06 i.e. RudeBox by Robbie Williams and Faster Kill Pussycat by Paul OakenFold both listed by EMI music, our official co-sponsor.
So do come in to listen to these amazing tracks at e06. We’re sure after reading all this that you definitely wanna be there at ENIGMA! Believe us we are looking forward to this as much as you are! Hoping you can make it or we’re just feeling sorry for the fun and fiesta that you’re gonna miss out on!
And the list of celebrities gracing enigma 06 is mindblowing!! Their presence in the Podar campus is going to make all the difference and I am sure that you agree to this!
Signing off!
Pavithra Dikshit
Salomi Mehta.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

itz in d air!..

Hiya there!
We are writing this blog for our college festival. Yay! That’s totally exciting!
Talking of R.A.Podar. it is the most rocking college… And we have an inter-collegiate festival called “ENIGMA” which is one of the biggest college festivals happenin around town. The scream theme is totally incredible and delightful! Anyways, SCREAM has to be Mumbai’s Loudest Culfest and it is all about teen spirit as our tagline suggests so. Though it looks all fun and games from outside, us who actually work can tell u how much work goes into it and believe us it’s no piece of cake walk. It is amazing that having hardly any college campus we are able 2 hold such an event in college without any hitches.
Our working committees headed by our GS Yashraj till our newest Podar recruits i.e. the F.Y.J.C’s are all putting in their best efforts to pull of enigma without a hitch. All we can say is that Enigma is going to be totally enthu, totally festive, totally happening, totally youth oriented, an ameliorating platform for anybody and everybody who wants to come in for it. It is very easy to relate to enigma because it is of the youth, by the youth, for the youth as it smells like teen spirit. You walk into college now and all you can see is the working members’ talking on their mobiles, running from one place to another, checking up various things, sleeping, eating, everything in college. To see these in a better format you havta check out the pictures, which will take a while as there is a lil hitch but never mind m sure you still know what we are talking about. Posters of Enigma, charts, and other things to create the PRE-ENIGMA hype are put up around college so that we are totally enthu about working for Enigma. We’ve got our sponsors starting from DNA to EMI to SIA to BCWEBWISE to BARISTA to anything and everything! Just keep checking out this space for updates on the college festival on a more personal note.
Signing off
Pavithra Dikshit.
Salomi Mehta.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006